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Navatek has a strong commitment to the advancement of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics and the promotion of these disciplines to young students. This passion for developing the next generation of engineers has led us to develop a program for teaching students about Navatek’s passion: naval ship design. We have developed a game, FLEET (Future Leaders in Experienced based Engineering and Technology), that allows students to understand the tradeoffs in designing naval vessels. This game, coupled with a rigorous, teacher-led curriculum, will encourage young people to enter the exciting world of naval ship design.


Navatek is also a developer of a simulation of the hugely successful SeaPerch program called V-Perch or Virtual Perch. This program will allow students without access to the resources required to buy and build a SeaPerch to use software to modify and test possible designs. This program will also give young engineers a first forray into Computer Aided Design.


In 2015, Navatek personnel served as mentors for a group of HS students competing in the KidWind challenge. With guidance from Navatek’s aerodynamicists, the team designed, built and tested several small horizontal-axis wind turbines. The team won their local competition and went on to compete in the KidWind regional competition.


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Sea Blade

Hawaii's watermen hailed the Sea Blade as the biggest advancement in rough water hull design and performance since the Deep-V was introduced in 1958

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