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Drop Stitch

Drop Stitch material is made into a very light-weight inflatable product that can create inflatable structures and components with very high stiffness that have properties of common, but bulky, structural materials. Navatek operates a new easily programmable loom to produce commercial quantities of drop stitch fabric here at home in the United States. This means that the material is fully Berry Amendment compliant and usable for products offered to the Dept. of Defense.


What is Drop Stitch?


  • Vertical fibers of uniform length connect the upper and lower faces. Distances between faces can vary from 1” to 42”.
  • Faces are covered with polymer coating to form air tight cavity.
  • Inflated to 15 psi or higher to form extremely stiff panels.



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Sea Blade

Hawaii's watermen hailed the Sea Blade as the biggest advancement in rough water hull design and performance since the Deep-V was introduced in 1958

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